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Dr Brett Cole (Chiropractor)   

B.Ed, B.H.Sc. Chiro, M.Clin. Chiro. (RMIT), Member of CAA

Workcover/DVA/TAC Accredited. Private Health/EPC Insurance Accredited


After working as a PE teacher for 10 years, He turned his attention to chiropractic due to the many benefits both he and his family received from treatment. Dr Brett Graduated in 2011 from RMIT university and has already enrolled to gain further Degrees in Paediatric Chiropractic which is a great passion for him. He has already gained experience in this area and hopes to further his knowledge to assist in the growth and development of children.

Dr Brett also has a keen interest in maintaining the health of the entire family. He uses chiropractic techniques including; Diversified manual adjusting, Basic Neurological Impulse Protocol (NIP), Drop-piece table, Mecahnical Blocks/Wedges, Activator tool, and Physical Therapeutics such as; Therapeutic Ultrasound and Hand Held massagers.

Dr Brett is a very proud parent of two growing boys who love their sport, so he spends a lot of time taxiing them to various sporting activities and cheering them on. He also has a very loving and supportive wife of 19 years.




Philippa Shantz (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Philippa is a graduate of the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy as a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. Philippa is also a certified Oncologist Massage Therapist who in additional to working at our clinic, works for the Olivia Newton John Cancer &Wellness Centre within the Austin Hospital.

As a parent of 2 sports fanatical teenage boys, a corporate professional and an active sports participant she has keen insights into the demands and stresses placed upon the body and mind by rigors of daily living.

Her aim is to help others achieve a state of balance through Holistic treatments that activate the body’s own natural healing abilities.


Rachel Marley (Naturopath)                                                                                                                                                           

Rachel Marley is a qualified Naturopath with a passion for educating, supporting and empowering people to achieve optimum health through integrative and holistic care.
Using her skills as a Naturopath, Rachel provides individualised treatment plans focused upon determining (identifying) the underlying cause of your health concern and supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself through evidence-based nutritional and herbal medicine.
Rachel’s gentle and balanced approach to treatment combines dietary and lifestyle advice with nutritional and herbal medicine and flower essence therapy, with a passion for food as medicine for preventive health and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
Rachel treats a broad range of health conditions including gastrointestinal heath, digestive complaints, inflammatory conditions, stress, anxiety, auto-immunne and thyroid conditions.
With a background in education and teaching, Rachel is experienced in educating and working with children of all ages with a passion and dedication for family health care.
She is a dedicated mother to three children with a passion for healthy living.












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