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As we are a Family Chiropractic Clinic, we are also very excited in providing assessment, treatment and management of adult patients.

Many of our patients initially attend the clinic due to some form of dysfunction or Pain syndrome. This could be in the form of tight muscles, Lumbosacral Pain, Mid/Upper Back Pain or Neck Pain leading to Headache or migraine. There are some patients that also seek our services for common illness that could be caused by interferences to their nervous system.

After attending the clinic for a short period and alleviating the Pain/dysfunction they may be experiencing, it is our Aim to provide a management program through regular chiropractic adjustments and relevant education in posture, gait or lifestyle choices that will help attain optimum health.

We also have many patients who have experienced the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic care who bring their children in to be assessed and continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments as a Family!


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